Moving Services

You’re moving! That’s great – Teleport Movers, LLC is here to help with any moving service you require. Whether you’re moving local or long distance, Teleport Movers, LLC can help take the stress out of your moving process. Just enter your move details in the area where it says QUOTE ME and you will be choosing a licensed, Insured, and Bonded moving company with a +A with the BBB by getting the best movers, you can either send an email, you can call over the phone or use our live chat option with one of our customer care executive and book online.

With Teleport Movers, LLC you get a Guaranteed Price and Service. You can re-confirm and see your Move schedule at anytime, change your move date or time at no additional charge (As long as we have it available), edit your inventory, or add additional services such as a 3rd mover, an additional truck or packing material, the price updates automatically for a moving experience that is tailored to your specific needs. All moves receive an All-Inclusive Package from full service moving not all the prices are the same because we quote based on your need. Much easier and more reliable than online dating, we promise

It’s simple math:  Affordable prices + High standards of Customer Service The result is TELEPORT MOVERS, LLC. Call Now 214-377-7326.


  • Professional & insured moving crew

Our moving companies promise to treat your belongings with care and handle your move in a courteous, respectful way.

  • Moving truck & Equipment

This include

- Standard moving equipment like dollies, blankets, Shrink wrap etc.

  • Protection of furniture

Depending on what you’re moving, the movers will use protective materials to wrap your furniture.

** There will be no additional charge for protective materials

  • Protection for breakable items

Movers will use protective material for breakable items such as:

- Electronics

- Lamps

- Mirrors, paintings, items with glass

** There will be no additional charge for protective materials

Additional Services

Free in-home consultation

vary. Boxes included. (Check Our section of Labor and Packing services)

Schedule an in-home consultation. This means that we will come over to see what you’re moving, then give you a quote. This is a great option if you have a large home or don’t have time to make your own inventory—just keep in mind you'll get prices in person, not through our snazzy website. Free service. Availability varies.

Special handling (dismantle/uninstall items)

Hire a professional carpenter to dismantle, remove, or uninstall:

- Flat screen TVs

- Cribs

- Custom furniture built for your home (bookcases, etc.)

- Overweight items (100 lbs or more)

- Oddly shaped furniture

If you request this service, the carpenter will assemble/install the item in your new home, too.

FYI: Movers will do basic disassembly (like unscrewing legs from a sofa, beds, Stands, etc) for no additional charge. Availability and fees vary.


Packing and unpacking service

Ask the mover to pack things for you. This is especially useful if you’re in a hurry or have a lot of fragile/valuable things. Availability and fees vary. Boxes included. (Check Our section of Labor and Packing services)