Moving Crate Rentals

Teleport Movers – Crate Rental Services

At Teleport Movers we provide moving boxes rentals for the Dallas TX and surrounding areas. Our grey moving supplies/boxes are made of 100% recyclable materials. These grey moving boxes represent an efficient and conservative approach to moving that is beneficial to DFW consumers and the environment. Eliminate the use of cardboard moving boxes, and rent our reusable moving boxes for your next move in Dallas Metroplex area.

Why Choose Us?

At Teleport Movers we offer an eco-friendly approach to DFW residents, that refrains from a dependency on wasteful cardboard products. Our prerogative is to provide quality rentable grey moving boxes while also maintaining our stance on environmentally conscious practices.

Our integration of the grey box system involves the use of reusable and recyclable containers that do not contribute to waste accumulation in the environment through disposing. Our system will save you time, money and the environment as we optimize our resources to provide you with the best relocation services possible. We offer free delivery and pickup to local residences and businesses within a 10 mile limit of our facilities, and provide our moving services throughout the Dallas area and its surrounding suburbs.

FDA Approved

These containers have plastic hinged lids that are permanently attached, interlocking securely for stacking. Molded from high-density FDA approved polyethylene, containers nest with lids open. Handles have molded-in grips


Eco-Friendly Zero Waste
Packing & Unpacking Service Available
Free Delivery & Pickup (within a 10 mile radius)
Durable, Efficient Moving Boxes
Professional Staff
Commercial and Residential Service
More Affordable than Generic Cardboard moving Boxes

We have Several Packages to Choose From

Free delivery and pickup within 10 miles. Rental Period is Two Weeks per Package, For each additional day or week there is an associated fee. Please contact us for information regarding additional fees for longer rental periods.

One Bedroom
$149 / 2 weeks


Two Bedroom
$199 / 2 weeks

Three Bedroom
$249 / 2 weeks

Four Bedroom
$329 / 2 weeks