Labor and Packing Services

Teleport Movers offering a wide variety of packing services for residential and commercial moves.

Teleport Movers - Residential and Commercial Packing Services

Teleport Movers is professional moving company offering a wide variety of packing services for residential and commercial moves. Whether you want to pack a few selected items or your whole household/office, we have trained packers to leave you with an excellent moving experience. 

Our packing services can be effective for your domestic as well as international as they will keep your delicate items secure all the time. It includes moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap, blankets and more.

Professional Packing Services in Dallas, TX

For most of you, the challenging part about a residential move, commercial move or long distance move is the job of labeling and packing everything you have. Based on the size and type of your move, packing up all the items may not be possible for a couple of your friends or relatives to do it safely and properly. Fortunately, Teleport Movers and Packers are available to help people move in the Dallas, TX for more than 20 years. We have specialized professionals to handle your packing services more efficiently.
We want to care for our customer’s every possession which is a responsible mover’s job that needs great attention and coordination. Our moving company in Dallas provides you with the first class packing services that have been part of our customers for years. Additionally, we have maintained the standards of BBB and insured our business to save your items from getting damaged or broker. So, you can choose to invest in our packing services in Texas and feel relaxed throughout your move.

Standard and Hourly Packing Services for Your Move

At Teleport Movers, we allow you to make the most of our packing services irrespective of the type and amount of goods being moved. We provide comprehensive packing services in Dallas, meaning that our professional packers will come and pack all the household or office belongings in durable moving boxes using effective materials or bring you the supplies and tools you want to pack your valuables on your own. We can also help you unpack and reconstruct all of your moving items at your new destination. We still can supply every kind of moving supplies you may require, like ropes or dollies.
We are capable to pack and move almost everything you own. For safe transition, you require all of your items to be properly packaged and thoroughly sealed. We never handle anything that is too dangerous or sensitive such as flammables, guns, weapons and anything else that can’t be safely moved at anywhere in Dallas, Tx. Apart from these only restrictions, our packing services remain available for your local and international move on hourly basis. Call us immediately if you have some queries regarding packing or moving your items in Dallas.

Labor Only

General labor services average $60 per hour.

2 1/2 Hr minimum


General packing services average $40 per hour per packer.
2 1/2 hr minimum

With a wide variety of packing options, please call us for a more representative quote for your move.

NOTE: A travel fee and a fuel fee apply to all hourly jobs. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please call our office for more details