Pack Smarter: The Bedroom

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Pack Smarter: The Bedroom

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Packing in general is a process; it requires organization, patience, and motivation. With that being said, you can never have enough helpful tips and tricks to make the packing process faster and more efficient. Let’s focus on packing your domain, your sleep chamber, your bedroom. Here are 3 helpful tips to help you pack your bedroom smarter, not harder!  Let’s start with packing the most important piece in your bed room…your bed! Since your bed is such an important piece you want to protect it and make sure it stays damage and dent free when it’s being moved. In order to prevent damage, wrap your bed in plastic tarp and tape it secure. You can also wrap your bedding under the tarp for one night. You’ll be thanking yourself once you get to your new home and are so exhausted that the last thing you want to do is make up your bed. This way it’s all ready for you to enjoy a good and well deserved goodnight’s rest! Another helpful tip to avoid moving an abundance of heavy boxes full is: rather than moving clothes from a dresser into a box, simply remove the drawers and wrap them with plastic, so you’re already technically packed. If you can’t remove drawers, and you have help or a moving company, just securely tape the drawers shut and move the entire dresser slowly with a dolly and extra hands because it will be heavy but less time consuming. This works with nightstands as well.  Last but not least, how to transport that the shopping mall’s worth

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